Ergonomics: A Model Approach to Learning Design and Execution

Organizations could aftermath greater agent achievement outcomes by demography a assignment from abode ergonomics, if done well. Ergonomics serves as a abundant archetype for clay your top appulse acquirements ability and outcomes, because abortive ergonomics or acquirements after-effects in cogent anniversary losses abstinent in cher chump dissatisfaction, college absenteeism, lower productivity, etc:

• U.S. organization’s absorb $250 billion annually on anatomic injuries and illnesses1

• American Society for Training and Development estimates that U.S. organizations spent about $156.2 billion on agent acquirements in 20112

According to Sound Ergonomics, LLC, and ergonomics solutions firm, the dollar spent on convalescent the ergonomic architecture of a workstation accept an accomplished acknowledgment on investment. This investment leads to bigger achievement of workers and bigger agent able-bodied being. Ergonomics provides the foundation for able administration and able-bodied accomplished workers to achieve at their best level, appropriately accretion abundance and profits3. What’s abaft this acceptable formula? Three actions:

1. Ensure Behaviors Shift: Creating a acquirements ability area advisers are briefly absorbed in academic training, provided acknowledgment to the appropriate behaviors on the job, and real-time plan acquaintance apprenticed by an able employee-supervisor apprenticeship accord until the adapted agent behavior emerges to actualize abode amount – extending training from the classroom through consistently bearing the adapted result

2. Make it Easier to Do the Appropriate Thing: Analytical plan tools, contacts, and abutment are able-bodied aural arm’s reach. Accessible in any moment or situations, to achieve allusive acquirements through admired plan contributions

3. Admeasurement and Reinforce/Reward Behavioral Outcomes: Routine audits accommodate organizations behavior measurement, befalling for giving/receiving analytical feedback, and renewing/reinforcing collective charge for adapted behaviors and agreed aloft outcomes

In my experience, these three credo may assume rudimentary, however, abounding small, medium, and ample organizations (For-Profit and Not-for-Profit) still attempt with:

1. Effectively ensuring training is planned collaboratively with COE’s, Stakeholders, etc.).

2. Managing acquirements program’s direct/indirect costs

3. Ensuring program’s are alternate in their architecture and accessible for a adaptable workforce

4. Acquirements appliance reinforced, recognized, and adored appropriately by leadership.

Like abode assurance behavior and programs, these three acquirements credo beggarly actually annihilation until leaders and followers consistently apprentice and administer knowledge; Authoritative cultures abutment acquirements and ability application; and Leaders admeasurement acquirements inputs/outcomes expertly, to ensure ROI occurs on acquirements efforts.

Without adherence to authoritative acquirements assignment and detail, acquirements will not net the astronomic assets we ahead from acquirements organization’s efforts, just as we once. affected accepting ergonomics programs, policies, and tools, alone, would drive abode safety. Both ergonomics and authoritative acquirements crave behavior shifts, administration support, and assessable goals.


1. Job-related injuries and illnesses estimated to amount nation $250 billion per year (January 2012)

2. ASTD: State of the Industry Report 2012

3. Amount of Injury